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Dr. Goodman's Physical office has moved to:
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as of Nov 1,  2023

Neil E. Goodman, MD, FAAP, FACP

Using cutting edge science, nutrition, and supplements to become the absolute best version of yourself.
Healing Science for "Our Times"
Dr. Goodman is highly sought after as a speaker who uses his unique teaching style to make what would otherwise be complicated science…, fun, understandable, and entertaining! He shows us how our bodies can heal themselves if we can just unlock the secrets that God put within us.

This Professor is also on a personal spiritual journey of transformation as the Holy Spirit has called on him to heal others and teach others new knowledge that can be used to heal our society. His story is one of a personal tragedy that has caused him to seek knowledge, discernment, and ultimately service to his country, his family and his patients. His anointing has allowed him to cast off dark forces and reveal the power of truth that he is using to promote God’s glory to those suffering.


At BioHackerUSA, We seek to heal our fellow man not only at a physical level, but at an emotional, spiritual and financial level too. We do this by providing knowledge, resources,  and tools, as well as personal business mentoring.

We seek to use  cutting edge science that first heals the body, then we proceed to open up new opportunities that allow for spiritual, emotional freedom and a state of well-being.

We help other people to achieve their God-given destiny and purpose. We mentor with the concepts of entrepreneurship in order to generate future leaders who can heal others.  


To Learn about What they Do  - See My Educational Videos Page Link Above!

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 BioHacking Resources
More About Biohacking!

What is it?

Where to Buy Biohacking Products
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 C-V-D Resources

Please Watch! Important information from one of America's leading cardiologists and COVID experts


From my recent interview on Now I See, regarding the newest round of shaming, virtue signaling, and what you need to be resilient!


Until Proven Otherwise Two of the top cardiologists in the world - Vaccine Safety Research Foundation


"The Spke is the Disease Part I"
KeyNote Presentation

"The Spke is the Disease Part 2"
KeyNote Presentation

Protocol Treatment Advice

My Personal Treatment Advice

For Injury:

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Activate Health Wellness Clinic

160 Juniper Ct, 
STE 100
Brunswick, GA 31520

  • Telehealth: Schedule Your 1 Hour Appt - GA, FL, SC, NY Only -  $250/hr Fees Apply
  • In-Person- Personalized Care Available by Appt at our  Medical Office 
  • ​Health Coaching - for Out of State (Non-Medical)
  • C-V-D Advice
  • ​Ages 0-26 Preventative Care (New Age range)
  • ​Ages 5-26 ADHD/ADD/LD
  • ​Age 0-26 Wellness Exams (New Age range)
  • ​Age 0-26 Chronic Care
  • ​​Ages 5-70 Nutrigenomic Counseling
  • ​Goodman Medical Spa w/ Dr. Margaret Goodman
  • ​Adult B-HRT
  • ​Peptides
  • ​Audio-Visual Entrainment
  • ​Gut and Microbiome Assessment
  • ​Genetic Sequencing
  • ​GeneSight(R)
Video Library

Nutrigenomic Educational Series

TV/Radio Interviews
Dr. G's "BioHack"
Speaking Engagements

Topics for Small and Large Groups

  • Intermittent Fasting 
  • Nutrigenomics
  • ​Gut Health and Mental Health
  • Anti-Aging
  • ​Brain Health
  • ​CVD Science
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We are caring for those who desire  Medical Autonomy!

We need more space and equipment to treat!

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Activate Health Clinic

160 Juniper Ct,
STE 100
Brunswick, GA 31520

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Hacking Your Sleep
Blogs & 
A Story of Salvation, Cancellation and Redemption
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